Do Bakes & Kropp Designers work with Architects and Interior Designers?
We often work very closely with a client’s architect or interior designer, taking instruction and direction in whatever form the content is available. We’re also open to offering advice and ideas – ones that will dovetail in and compliment the existing proposed concepts. Bakes & Kropp cabinetry can be tailored to work within any professional design parameters.

Are the Bakes & Kropp Cabinetry Styles a custom product?
We’ve organized our custom cabinetry into several style concepts – Watermark, Meridian, Belleview, Canterbury, Revelane, Emerson, and Cucina BK. Each has a set of unique elements working in harmony to create a coordinated aesthetic, but serve solely as inspiration. Even within a style, every Bakes & Kropp interior is designed from the ground up, specifically for the individual space and client.

How does Bakes & Kropp achieve a custom result for each client?
To create truly beautiful interiors, we deeply consider the demands of the space in question as well as the homeowner’s unique personal style. Then, we work to design and produce a custom product that serves its purpose functionally and thrills its owners aesthetically. As Bob Bakes often likes to remark, “The best part is the capability to truly realize our clients’ dreams.”

Where is Bakes & Kropp Fine Cabinetry made?
Our cabinetry is built by American craftsmen at the Bakes & Kropp Production Facility in Michigan. Our elite team of woodworkers and finishers there are committed to a premium product – working with the finest materials available to ensure the highest level of quality.

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